Any news for 7.2.5?


Firslty I have to sorry You for being afk last months but there is lot of work irl.. BUT:

  • All of the original 3/3 traits can be expanded to 4/4.
  • NEW Illidari Ferocity Increases damage by 10% and Stamina by 10%.
  • NEW Wide Eyes Reduces the cost of Eye Beam by 5-10-15-20 Fury.
  • NEW Bladedancer’s Grace Increases the critical strike damage of Blade Dance by 20%.
  • NEW Chaotic Onslaught Chaos Strike has a 10% chance to slash an additional time.
  • NEW Concordance of the Legionfall Your abilities have a chance to trigger Concordance of the Legionfall, increasing your primary stat by 2000 for 10 sec.
  • NEW  The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge Equip: Each time you kill an enemy, you gain 5% movement speed for 1 min, stacking up to 5 times. At 5 stacks, while you are out of combat you turn into a Wisp, increasing your movement speed further and granting you the ability to fly.
  •  Achor, the Eternal Hunger: Now has an additional 658 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat.
  •  Anger of the Half-Giants: Demon Blades generates an additional 1-6 Fury (was 1-8 Fury).
  •  Loramus Thalipedes’ Sacrifice: Damage bonus now starts with the first target hit (was second target hit).
  •  Mo’arg Bionic Stabilizers: Damage bonus now starts with the first target hit (was second target hit).
  •  Sephuz’s Secret: Now always grants 10% increased movement speed and 2% Haste. When triggered, this bonus is increased to the current values of 70% movement speed and 25% Haste. The 10% movement speed bonus now stacks with other movement speed bonuses.

Curently as for 7.2 there is no more big changes others than noticed here and in guides linked above in menu 🙂

Actually we are sorting out some new data from datamining and there will be some small update soon.

For now – visit our discord Mardum / Fel Hammer.


Havoc 7.1.5 updates

Sup! Here we go, some fresh updates for Havoc:


HAVOC SIMS by Zarania

Under sims You will find all in-depth sims of talent combinations, legendaries, etc.

At least prefered ST build is 2220311 & AOE Cleave 3310112

Catch us on discord 🙂

7.1.5 Havoc DH changes by Kib (1.1.17)

7.1.5 Changes for Havoc DH by Kib – armory | twitter | twitch (Latest update: January 1st, 2017)


Italic gray – 7.1 / Old PTR | Green – New buff | Red – New nerf

Wowhead PTR Spec changes compilation

Wowhead PTR Legendary changes compilation

Read more for detailed stuff.

Read more

Updated sims for Havoc

Hey folks.

Pawkets prepared update for sims of Havoc M+/EN N HC M trinkets. You can add this link to Your favs and check it daily if there is something new – there is also legendaries sims for ST / CLEAVE / AOE and few other things which can be helpful. Otherwise feel free to ask on DH Discord.

Other helpful stuff – step-by-step guide howto sim Your char.



Guise of the deathwalker mystery solved :)

Hello, sorry for delay with news, posts – but – farming mythics hard ;f Also last days I didnt had so much time for, but – You can allways visit our discord. Remember thats WardensVault is just resource site 😉 And finally, we know how to get hidden Havoc appearance of glaives.

What to do?

  • Reach Artifact Knowledge level 5
  • Kill few mobs in Suramar to get Candraels Charm – or – simply fly down to Downfall from Dalaran and kill him. Thats all. Really.

PS. Interface profiles for ElvUI and WeakAuras are updated.

Early Access is almost here – prepare for DH.

Hello. Following a Wowhead guide, here is few tricks to do in Pre-Patch.

Useful Items

Your other characters can work on a care package kit for your Demon Hunter. Here are some items they can mail over:

Pre Patch Gearing

When you leave the starting zone, you will be wearing a full set of 680-690 gear. This will be good enough to get you into Hellfire Citadel LFR. The Demon Hunter Artifact Weapon in Legion will be a Warglaive, but Demon Hunters can equip other types of weapons (1H axes, swords, fists), which come in handy for the pre patch. Keep this in mind when purchasing  Mark of Honor weapons or seeing what Hellfire Citadel bosses have useful loot. You can get your Demon Hunter a full set of ilvl 710 armor through  Mark of Honor via the vendors Holly McTilla and Malukah Lightsong. These tokens are from PvP and are Bind on Account, so you can grind out the tokens in advance on a different character, and then just mail them over.

Demon Hunters do not have specific tier sets or Warglaives from Hellfire Citadel, but there is a variety of agility loot they can equip:

Kazzak’s loot is now 720; he is a good source for trinkets, capes, necks, and wrists. Mythic dungeon bosses have a chance to drop ilvl 715 heirloom trinkets that scale up to lvl 110. These include  Infallible Tracking Charm and  Purified Shard of the Third Moon. The Pre-Expansion Invasions will have ilvl 700 weapons which can be upgraded up to 725 via  Coalesced Fel.

Updates, updates, updates..

Hi folks.

Enjoy updated a little bit HAVOC and VENGEANCE subpages in WORKSHOP menu. You can find there external guides by Wordup (Havoc) and Munkky (Vengeance) with calculations for each spec, some theorycrafting, weakauras, and custom UIs. We’re working now on re-html guides into Wardens Vault.

We’re in touch, catch Us on our discord 🙂


News from #resources of Mardum Discord theorycrafters.

Hello Illidaris 🙂

Pawkets recommended builds (for latest BETA build 22201):

Pre-Raid simulationcraft for HAVOC:

Vengeance guide from Munkky:

Vengeance TC resources from Munkky:

Legion is behind a corner – enjoy newest weakauras.


As You noticed site was inactive for some time. Due my private life and work time I didnt had much time to update it regularly. Actually it is updated for a workshop section with future and actual weakauras by community of Demon Hunter players, You can send Your setups by email or by msg via Twitter. Remember that this site will be some kind of repository where You will be able to enjoy various setups of ui, weak auras, etc. Also – You can catch me via Discord of demon hunter community or by shortcut via irc (but there’s only bridge to discord which can’t be used to PM).

Our Discord is here