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First impressions of Magdalena

Another wave of Alfa-Beta-Gamma is on the way, for this moment there is a first impressions of Magdalena after spending few hours with Demon Hunter 🙂 follow @MagdalenaDK

Tier 1 (Level 99): I’m currently going with Blade Dance, but if Eye Beam is as powerful as I think it is then I see Blind Fury being a default, which is a bit of a pity because it’s so boring as a talent. Fel Mastery seems like something PvP would love. PvE wise, I’m not sure we’d necessarily want to incorporate dashing around into our DPS rotation (meaning making Fel Rush even stronger in that regard).

Tier 2 (Level 100): I’m currently using Master of the Glaive. Demon Blades seems to be an interesting option because it also lets you relinquish some keybinds. Perhaps it’ll become more appealing if it turns out we’re GCD locked with Demon’s Bite? I can’t say that I like Fury generation going RNG again – reeks of Blood DKs and Multistrike. Prepared: similar thoughts to Fel Mastery. Seems fun/good for PvP and maybe some solo PvE. In raids, I am hard pressed to imagine scenarios where we’d use Vengeful Retreat rotationally.

Tier 3 (Level 102): Feed the Demon seems like something that would be great for solo PvE like levelling. I’m not sure it’d see much use in raids unless the boss had constant steaming adds that granted Shattered Souls. Btw, I would be VERY suprised if Shattered Souls wasn’t severely nerfed before Beta is over. +20% demon damage and +25% health? That’s huge. Fine for leveling maybe, but would make raid balance a nightmare. Soul Rending: Seems largely PvP centered, though I guess it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we’re in a very tight gearcheck fight, where a DPS’s ability to sustain oneself is that important? Hard pressed to imagine one outside of Gorefiend soul phases, and event that is iffy. Demon Reborn: Boring, but could potentially give us the most burst if it works the way I hope it does (haven’t talented it yet), i.e. resetting even short term ability CDs.

Some additional thoughts on Havoc today, after playing it for some time. First, I realise I might have overlooked something wrt some of our talents. Specifically, Fel Mastery + Prepared could be used in synergy to empower Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat. I hope I’m wrong here, because if I’m right then that could be a major part of our AoE: Leap away with Vengeful Retreat, then dash in with Fel Rush. Obviously we have Chaos Nova and Eye Beam as potential AoE tools as well, but the fact that Fel Rush is uncapped worries me. I *really* don’t like the idea of our AoE hinging on us dancing in and out of melee ranged, relying on Fel Rush to do it for us (and potentially killing us if we do it stupidly, which lets be honest, many new players likely will be). Atm Fel Rush is currently uncapped in how much damage it deals to enemies, so that is probably a big part of why it looks so attractive- plus being on a 10s CD with 2 charges. Eye Beam and Chaos Nova, while strong, are also on cooldowns. So assuming you’ve used them once through the encounter, it could well be in your interest to use the Fel Rush based rotation I’ve described. Again, hoping I’m wrong.

Next, let’s talk Meta: It looks cool, yes: But is it really that interesting to only have two of our attacks be empowered? Chaos Strike become Annihilation, which basically turns it into a super powerful AoE. Demon’s Bite starts generating much large amounts of Fury as well, so I’m wondering how Meta will interact with a talent such as Demon Blades – will it simply mean autoattacks generate more fury while in Meta? To be honest, that sounds a little too much like the current Blood DK-Multistrike paradigm I’ve described here before.

Also, I’m concerned that Throw Glaive, Glaive Dance and Fury of the Illidari (Spell granted by our Artifact) bleed into one another too much. Sure, they actually *do* slightly different things but all are largely variations on the same theme. Specific to Fury of the Illidari, having a cast time as a melee is very weird- hoping it becomes an instant cast. I’m also torn on Throw Glaive vs Blade Dance, as Blade Dance is currently a Fury spender (and an AoE too). Maybe it’s Fury of the Illidari that needs changing instead?

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  1. Not_SnF

    Just reposting what I said in IRC the other day when Mag’s initially said his thoughts since I feel it can generate some real discussion:

    Talents I feel the same way about the Level 99 ones as you do Magdalena – except I’ve been switching between Blind Fury and Blade Dance mainly because I just pull everything, stun then Eye Beam it all dead but have seen definite use for Blade Dance as well.

    Level 100, I’ve been going MAster of the Glaive as well, it’s the most practical thing, though if we ever end up using like a Fel Dash -> Retreat -> Dash kind of thing as part of the DPS rotation Prepared could be REALLY good for pre Meta if you take Demon Reborn. I didn’t like Demon Blades either for the same reason, feels too RNG.

    Level 102, I feel the only option will be Demon Reborn because a) Soul Rending will be more PvP oriented since leech will still be tertiary and Shattered Soul only procs (so far) from KB’s (and you don’t get a Soul if you’re in a group and you dont get the KB either)

    Level 104, only played with it a little bit but between the two Desperate Instincts is probably the better of two options so far though both are kind of underwhelming

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